2018 Summer Street Wizards Events Schedule

 2018 Events

For the  2018 summer and fall cruise night events, we will have two different venues…one in-town meet/greet/eat/display type event encouraging you to visit the city and enjoy the businesses, parks, playgrounds, and various outdoor activities. Host stop for the event will be the CENEX South Food and Travel Plaza featuring the TRF A&W. Times will be from 6-9 PM on Wednesday nights included in the list below. Bring your lawn chairs, view the cars on display, grab some food and enjoy Wednesday night hospitality. At 8:00 PM there will be an information sharing/announcement gathering to discuss upcoming car related events. Ending times will be moved up as fall approaches and sunset is earlier.

In Town and Out of Town Cruise Events

SWCC Summer Events 2018



Please note the following items that will ensure these events are fun, family oriented, and portray a positive atmosphere so the events continue! Our exact final display area may be moved depending on car count.

1. The event is open to (but not limited to) special interest vehicles including collector, convertible, customs, classic, street rod, muscle car, antique, kit car, performance,etc. This includes pickups.
2. The vehicle must be licensed and insured to Minnesota state standards. Open exhausts are not permitted.
3. No burnouts. No reckless, careless, or exhibition driving will be allowed. We are encouraged to Police our participants  and actions…or the area law enforcement departments will do it!
4. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are allowed.
5. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, etc. Bring lawn chairs for you and your guests!
6. Feel free to come and go as you wish and you are encouraged to cruise the city businesses, parks, restaurants, and other special attractions.
7. If there are any prizes given out, you must be present at the 8:00 PM announcement time to claim them.
8. We ask that you bring any upcoming  event posters or flyers which can be set out at the registration table.
9. Please sign up at the registration table so we can put you on our email list for future events.
10. If you are from TRF or any of the surrounding communities, please consider joining our car club . Dues are only $20 per family (forms available at the registration table). There are a lot of events and activities to become involved with, also a great way to get information or network with other car enthusiasts!
11. Be sure to pickup your trash and personal items when you leave.

Stop by the registration table if you have any questions or need help with something! Club information is available from most any member

Out-of-town Evening Cruise and Dinner Events—These events will involve a 100-120 mile round trip cruise night with a dinner stop. Some events will involve joint events with other area car clubs or cruisers. Nights and TRF departure times will vary—please be on time or you may depart on your own schedule…earlier or later!



Other events may be added or deleted with little or no notice. Call Car Cruise phone numbers for latest information/updates. Notices will be listed in the Times/Watch and KTRF or KSRQ if time allows. Cruise nights are held only if weather is favorable. Cruise night cell numbers are 218-686-5611 or 218-416-0204 or 701-520-0948.